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Reserve Tryouts? Medicals Voided?

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"Recruiting trial
Another advance in LFRR is the recent collaboration between the Army and Associate Deputy Minister (Human Resources-Military) (ADM (HR-Mil)). A recruiting trial is now underway that will allow qualified applicants to enrol into the Army Reserves upon approval from their local recruiting centres. Up until now, all applicants had to wait until approval was granted from the medical group in Borden."

Some one pinch me if im dreamin and smack me if im misunderstanding.
I am under the impression that this only applies to people with no medical issues; as in their cases, the approval from Borden is really a formality.  So -for people like you and me, we would still wait because our medicals may pose a problem.
All right moderator ive loaded up the cannon please fire this topic into the abyss (delete or close it) please.
When I went to the recruitment office about 3 weeks ago, down her in Windsor, Ontario - a recruiter told me that i could submit my application, and be accepted even before Borden looked at my medical....  I thought it was kind of stupid.

Why start something you might not be able to finish?
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