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Posted by Juno847627709@aol.com on Sat, 31 Mar 2001 19:15:07 EST
Glad you got it, Rob!
Yes, I‘m ready.
As stated, April is build-up month. I‘ll be doing the running
this month, and four weeks from now I will be able to run 3 k‘s if all goes
well. Been going to the gym, and I‘m completely positive my cardio-vascular
system is fully up to it. That‘s no problem at all. Just have to keep
practising as my lower legs and back still don‘t agree with my desire to work
So following this month, and my completion of the 3 k‘s on a daily basis,
1 May I shall start the RM Trg.
Can‘t say I‘m looking forward to the really early mornings though! Think
my guidance counsellor will understand if I want to start school an hour or
so later?
Enjoy the journal,
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