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NESOP Training


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So i m waiting training for NESOP, and ive heard alot of people fail, and it is very intense course, i didnet do well in highschool, i have a hard time with focusing and remembering things, has anyone have any study tips or any help to pass on?
A good place to start is to read, read and read again your stuff, as a NESOP 90% of your job is knowing proper voice procedure and 10% knowing the gear.  Do not get nervous about it, give it your best, what else can you wish for?  If you try your best I tell you you will be rewarded accordingly, good luck
The NESOP  trade is a good one!  Don't sweat the fact that some people fail off the course, I don't think the failure rate on the NESOP course is any different from any other Naval Ops course.  The thing I have noticed from those who have failed off the courses I have been on is this, they usually do it to themselves.  Study and study some more, if you are having difficulty ask for help, no one is going to help if you don't ask. 

Just take your NESOP badge put it up as some sort of motivation and work your ass off for it!  When you are presented with it, be proud you earned it.

  Hey there jamie............I am sitting beside a senior LS NESOP right now and showed him your post.  He wants me to tell you to not worry about it at all.  Your training staff is there to pass you.  All you need to do is show up everyday and put in  decent effort.....don't be a bag o' crap, and as long as you want it...it will be yours.
  If you have any more questions, I can help you out.
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Thanks for the encouragement, im going to do what I can and hopefully il'l make it.
im sure i'll let you know or i'll start wineing somemore :)

Hey there,

Here is a link to a NESOP web site I made.  I will add information to this web site to help out in any way I can.  If you click on Order of Battle (OOB) on the left hand side you can create study material for the OOB phase in your QL3 course.  If you search the platform section you will find all the platforms you will have to learn.  The instructors at Blackrock (NESOP school in Esquimalt) actually used it on the last course in December 07.  The student told me they liked it and they all passed this phase.

I hope it can help and don't worry with a little dedication you will pass without problems.  They have good staff there to help you out

Good Luck!

Stay away from the booze --Sunday to Thursday

Study one hour a night or do a comprehensive review

You will be doing cleaning stations in Sea State 6 in no time!

Good luck
Thanks alot for the website, i dont understand it right now but im sure i will soon
Hey Jamie, I just found out today that I am merit listed for NES OP. I was just wondering how the training is going/went, and also if you happen to know or could find out when the next few courses are expected to start.

I am entering via Recruit school by-pass as I left the Army in 2003. I will obviously have to re-cert on a few things, but maybe you could give me some insight as to what I can expect upon arrival.