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Medical assessment

And sometimes not all the prelims were done there; I didn't have an audiogram done until I got to Cornwallis - remember the experience well - there was a Sea Cadet band practicing outside beside the open window, no booth.
My Reserve Recruit medical in '86 was done in the Armouries and the audiogram was done in a not sound proof office with the C Scot R pipes and drums practicing out on the square :rolleyes: :oops: ...

As for the dude with one eye, since I was the 6B doing the medical and we had another pile to get through (we were on the road in the interior of BC with CFRC Vancouver) figured why waste time and paper over something that was a foregone conclusion...and it had been suggested by my predecessor as a viable option. I did have issue one day when one of the (non-PSO) Recruiting Officers told me to fail someone medically when there wasn't a good reason for it - told him he'd have to do it based on CFAT scores, since they passed everything I threw at them.