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file was supposed to reopen in 03.2024 - R30 566 537

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received a letter stating my file would be reopened in 03.2024 as I declared stopping abilify in 03.2023 but was then hospitalised some weeks during summer of 2023 and given lithium again with zyprexa before stopping cold turkey and starting vortioksetin 10 mg rx the 18.01.2024 after a sweden trip for a CSR call centre job.

got rx with 15 mg dose recently but waiting to augment it every morning.

figured I would start BMQ this summer? I guess it's not happening?

my TAFC score was 65% or 39/60 with 80% in French, 60% in mathematics and 60% in logic.
  • 52nd percentile for NCM applicants
  • 30th percentile for officer applicants
You need to have a long talk with your doctor and the recruiting medical staff whether you are medically admissible for the CAF.

I'm going to lock this before the train wreck starts.
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