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03.2023 until 03.2024

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So I was told my file would be closed until 03.2024 because I stopped abilify around 03.2023 after 3 years of court ordered injected medication and then voluntary injections following august 2022 when I was liberated from the RBMD without conditions.

The thing is.
I was hospitalized for the second time in my life this summer from 21.08 until 05.09 and put on lithium as my cyclothymia had probably progressed to bipolar type II.

Was on zyprexa while at the hospital. Stopped it when I got out.

Must I declare this information?
Should I stop lithium if it means I can’t get a job in the forces?

Thanks in advance

Basic story for motivation was this.
Canadian anglophone in 12.2011 - 99% (mainly the reading speed)
tried to get into Mensa 12.2012 but got 62nd percentile on the wonderlic PAT..

Québécois francophone in 2013 - 99.9% (word definitions) with probable asperger and potential ADD-ADHD.

Québécois Francophone (the psychometrician was actually Belgian) in 2023 - after 3 years of antipsychotic (abilify) treatment - no IQ possible because of strong discrepancies in the indexes but a GAI in the 73nd percentile...

also did army aptitude tests :

Norway Forsvaret sesjon del 2, Harstad, AE 4/9 in 2018
- got education reserves as I had a very low BMI (19.5) (asked for secret services, paratrooper and some other random things)

Canada TAFC, Montréal 39/60 in 2022
- got reserve units but my BMI was tow high (29.5) with probable hypertension and past medication "officially" stopped in 03.2023 (asked infantry and intelligence but then thought about joint task force)
Must I declare this information?

It would most certainly become known in the file review process, so a proactive declaration would likely be the thing to do.

Should I stop lithium if it means I can’t get a job in the forces?

This is likely something that could only be answered by a medical professional familiar with the basis of your condition and treatment. No one here would make any recommendations specific to your prescribed medication program.

All the best and hope things work out to your best.


You've already gone over this in your other recruiting thread. The answers won't change if you ask again. None of us on this forum can answer your medical questions. Go through the recruiting process, be honest about your previous issues/concerns, and see where you wind up.

You state above that you have cyclothymia, assuming this is the case, you will find life in the military difficult (if you get inh). According to the Mayo Clinic, "Significant life stress, whether in the form of traumatic experiences or chronic moderate stress, is the most common trigger. Additional triggers may include co-existing psychiatric disorders (e.g., bipolar disorder) and brain injury due to accidents or diseases." Trust me when I say this, you WILL experience significant stress in the military, on training, on tour, and just living your life.

The military life isn't for everyone. Many try, but many also fail (And there is no shame in that). My personal opinion is that you need to sort out your personal life and health first. Then if your stable for a year or two, then try again. But as also already recommended to you, have a plan B and C in case.

If you keep posting all of your medical information, I'm going to have to take action on your posting ability. Please stop.

Well I realized that nobody speaks with anybody and information doesn’t get anywhere.

I even declared to my generalist my symptoms and gave me my own diagnosis of anxiety/depression and probable PTSD (funny because you’re supposed to get it after you enlist, anyway).

Changing team on the 18.09 and going to the Jewish.

Let’s see how it goes!
If your perserverance on this topic in the face of repeated cautions from those with superior experience is indicative of a long term will to succeed, there is a slim chance that you might make it thru, if you can pass the medical. Something to work on might be the acceptance of criticism which flies in the face of predetermined beliefs, as well as the ability to adapt plans in line with a changing situation, an absolutely crucial skill for any soldier. Nevertheless, a good Plan B,C or D appears to be a wise course of action. Others with far more experience than I have weighed in on this. You need to step back and look at your situation more objectively.
If your perserverance on this topic in the face of repeated cautions from those with superior experience is indicative of a long term will to succeed, there is a slim chance that you might make it thru, if you can pass the medical.


Well there shouldn’t be anything to incriminating in what I declared as previous medical information.

Also gave a list of all the addresses I lived in the past 10 years. Formal stuff.

Bank accounts in Europe.

I mean. It’s not as if have any ties to terrorist organizations or any foreign national interests.

I started swimming again. Trying to get into shape.

Considering I went from 19.5 BMI (Harstad) to 29.5 BMI in 2022 (Montréal) I have some effort to make on the personal side! Motivation! Gym!
Yeah. I know. People say things. Good and bad and it actually happens…

But I’m always proving people wrong.
Didn’t pass my year of troisième even if I had been of the 3 Cayley mathematics contest winners at school with 105/150 points (it was me, a girl from Romania and a guy from China) but got my brevet with 10.03/20 and my history class with 62% according to the catholic private school and 65% according to the ministry of education.

Did my brevet again in 2009 and got 35/40 in mathematics. Worked during the summer.

Went to Norwegian high school at 16. Tried to drop out. Went to the lycée. Seconde and première. Failed my épreuves anticipées du bac français série sciences. to cegep. Tried to work as a barista. Failed my 23 classes, in public and private cégeps. Worked as a barista.
Went back to lycée and passed my épreuves anticipées de français with sciences and got my bac général série littéraire (LV1 anglais with 19/20 ans basically got the high school diploma because I spoke English).

Went for a economics degree at USPC, one day. Then Institut Supérieur de gestion (international private business school) for one year. Transferred my credits to a Norwegian public business school. Got 20 ects accepted in the economics degree… Trying to do it online!
I think Toronto EMS is hiring.

Recruitment for Paramedic jobs is currently closed.

I think CAF is ALWAYS hiring.

From what I have read, they sound pretty hard up for recruits. < ROFL emoji.
I know a guy....
i see what you did there bill hader GIF
Nope. Definitely Toronto EMS material. You got this one, MM…

Toronto is not hiring paramedics, at this time.

I read the CAF is hard up for recruits, and always hiring.

I joined the CAF when I was 16. Yeah, "back when the Earth was cooling".

Wasn't hard to get in.

I was not involved in this thread, until somebody decided to bring it up .

When the City finally does start accepting applications, these are the qualifications, to apply.

Successfully completed a MOHLTC-recognized course for Primary Care Paramedic provided by a College of Applied Arts and Technology or equivalent.

Successfully completed the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) examination or be AEMCA pending as specified in the Ontario Ambulance Act.

Must be able to achieve and maintain current certification in Symptom Relief and Defibrillation under the Ontario Base Hospital Group and meet cross-certification requirements with Sunnybrook Base Hospital.

Must produce proof of mandatory immunization and maintain all immunizations as required and specified by the Ontario Ambulance Act and the City of Toronto.

Must possess a Class F Ontario Driver’s License, or better, and meet all requirements for licence maintenance as set forth in the City of Toronto’s Fleet policy and be able to qualify for the City’s equipment operating permits.

Must not be convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude for which a pardon has not been granted.

Must meet all requirements for employment as a Paramedic in Ontario as per the Ambulance Act.

Must not have had Driver’s License suspended for three years prior to application, and not have more than three demerit points issued against his/her Ontario driver’s licence.

Ability to pass oral, written and physical examinations pertaining to procedures used in emergency patient care at the discretion of the division.

Thoroughly familiar with the Highway Traffic Act and Municipal Traffic By-laws.

Must be physically capable of performing required duties.

Must be available to work rotating shift/weekend/night/overtime/on call duty in all environmental conditions.

Must be familiar with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the regulations that apply to this work.

Proficiency in a second language would be an asset.

Relevant work experience (i.e. paramedic, RN, MD, military, policing, any medical field) would be an asset.

Relevant volunteer experience (i.e. crisis, community involvement, mental health, shelters, etc.) would be an asset.
So, you're saying that it's pretty easy to be hired on as a paramedic in Toronto then?
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