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CT transfer to ROTP


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I am a new member of the Reserves and my current rank is Private recruit. I just submitted a CT transfer application to ROTP. If accepted, what will be my pay rate as an OCdt. It’s something that is hard to find on the internet. Will I receive my Reserve force Pte pay, Reg Force private pay, or regular ROTP OCdt pay?

Two Google searches and you would have found these two websites. Literally can be googled, this information is not hidden. Please remember where your pay is listed for future reference

It details all the pay you will receive. If your CT-ROTP goes through and you are selected, as an OCdt under ROTP you will be receiving around 2301 a month (minus your expenses which will include room and board and various others - your takeaway will be around 250-300 per month). You do not have enough service to receive Table B or D pay (albeit D is not shown). Usually, a Cpl or above with enough time in (RegF time which is 1:4 reserve class A days) will receive table B or higher. As you are a brand new recruit you do not qualify. Expect to receive Table A pay.

Even if you were a reserve Cpl it is still tricky to get anything other than the base OCdt pay. Unless you've been hopping from one class B perm to the next, most do not have the equivalent time to even think about receiving Cpl pay. Usually, they get Pte(T) pay.