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boot camp



:sniper: I saw the other post`s and was looking for the same thing!!!!!!!!all i can see is one on the cbc .ca boot camp 18m long it s not bad but looking for more .I going on 27th of aug (CFLRS in St.jean)RCR infantry looking everyware but can not find much !!! :crybaby:
can someone help me please
with links or tips thanks all.
Cool, do you start training on the 27th.

That‘s when I start mine, then it‘s off to wainwright, PPCLI infantry.

Not much info anywhere for recruit training.
basically be a sponge and soak up all the info that is thrown at you. expected it to be both physically and mentally demanding.

One tip for your inspections, keep double of everything (i.e. cans of shave cream, tooth paste, etc.) basically one for show and one for everyday use.

hope this helps.
Well i gess i should say hi !!!!!!!
I`ll be leaving from Ottawa to cflrs st.jean on the 27th we have to be there before 14:00
my swearing in date is aug 16th
for RCR Infantry
from what I can see it s to cfb meaford
for Infantry training
is it the same for you :D
hi guys this is what i have on boot camp
this is the US boot camp
and a picture of st.jean base
and this from someone who was there
I ve look at all I can and this is what I came up with!!!!!!!
I hope it can help you guys
:mg: :eek:
hi boyzzzzz!!!!!
just relooked at my paper work and yes my training starts on the 27th Aug course number is 0230(AA) Is there anyone else on the 27th?????
sorry breck88 I told you it was the 26th
do you have the same course number???
:mg: :evil:
Basically the best advice I could give you on Basic, is not to try to be the hero. Everybody wants to impress the instructors but sometimes this can just blow up in your face. Sometimes its the grey man who gets the higher marks, the guy that never sticks out good or bad.
You are going infantry, but don‘t feel overly compelled to brag about that. You‘ll be the same as everyone else at Basic, no matter what trade you are going. And you still have a long long way to go until you pass your Infantry 3‘s. It was the best time of my life and the worst time of my life, but I would never trade for anything else in the world. Just remember an old saying my CSM used to tell me "Pain is temporary, Pride is Forever"

fusilier sends
Just wondering when CF holds basic Training? It seems that some are leaving soon (end of Aug.). Just wondering when they schedule them throughout the year.
I would realy like to thank all the people who e mailed me and posted about boot camp .I would realy like to here more about the time you pasted at boot camp and the little tips you did to helped you get threw it .I`m training every day 5km in 25m and push ups and sit ups .I realy want to get threw this and serve in the CF .
thank you all
On my QL2...I fended pretty much only formyself and apparently tied for top candidate. I was told I did a good job but have to help "buddy" out more. So, on my QL3 I did just that, and neglected myself I guess, and naturally placed bottom third. Damnded if you do, damned if you don‘t. Find a happy medium I guess and your laughing.

Training ahead of time is a good idea. Your ahead of some of the game if you do that.
Hey seeing as how alot of people on here are leaving soon to st jean. Did anyone get on the course at CFB Esquimalt? Course starts Sept 9. If so email me at Andrew1@skyweb.ca or just message me here

"Success comes from good judgment, good judgment comes from experience and
experience comes from bad judgment."---Arthur Jones
don‘t worry guys basic training is a joke, it‘s all numbers and they want the people. i‘ve seen many people that never should of made it ,but just went thru the cracks. the canadian army has such a hard time recruiting people that they keep what they get, well at least most of them. training standards have droped, human rights have taking over the army and that it‘s! as for your infantry training that should be the one you should worry about, but it‘s all good training because it‘s your own unit that trains you. as for basic don‘t sweat it just be the grey man and do as they say, you‘ll breeze by it! :sniper:
well I just did my signing in on the 16th
and everything is a go and talked with one guys that is going for RCR Infantry with me on the 26th well thanks guy for all the help I just hope things go well
hope everything goes good for you striker :warstory:
thanks for all the posts and good luck to all who are joining !!!!!!!!!!!
I leave on the 26th and I`m open to all tips and I hope it can help all others who have joined and for the people who are thinking of joining . it is very hard to find out thing about (cdn)boot camp on the web so I hope it helped some of you
yes im goin 4 rcr reserve infanrty next year until i finish school and then im oging full into any regular force infantry unit that will take me and i cant wait :warstory:
Hello, I just got a call from the army saying I have aptitude and fitness testing on Sept. 11th. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips for completing these. Thanks.

- Patrick
Get lots of sleep the night before!

The aptitude isn‘t that bad really, just don‘t get stuck on the hard questions. You will not finish every section, so answer the questions you can answer easily, and carry-on. If, by some miracle, you have time, go back and try to asnwer the harder ones.

There is a spatial aptitude portion, if I recall, and it can be helpful to look up some practice questions in a GATB Practice book.

For the physical, mine was a piece of piss, and my grandmother could have done it.

That said, get rest, pace yourself, and make sure you stretch out beforehand. Stretch, don‘t jerk, your muscles during warm up.

You will not be running/stair-climbing very hard, just at a steady pace for a boring period. The push-ups aren‘t so bad, I was able to do 19. The sit-ups will burn your stomach, and the hand-grip thingy is a silly.... no matter how hard you grip, it won‘t seem like it moved. Just grip as hard as you can. You get 2 tries, I believe, per hand, and they take your best score.

That‘s all I can remember... good luck!

Not scoring well in any particular test doesn‘t automatically get you punted, I don‘t think, it just means you might not be suited to certain trades.

Thanks man. I‘ll look up that GATB book at the library. I‘ve been jogging for the past couple months plus push/sit-ups, so I think I‘m set for the fitness test. It‘s the aptitude I‘m more worried about. Haha.

Take ‘er easy.

- Patrick
hey boyz!
well this is my last for a well I`m gone on the 26th for basic. I`m running 5km a day I just hope I`m realy for this , and for the tests it`s not all that hard but don`t go in with a hot headed way of thinking and you will do fine and for the interveiw think like a team player and you`ll do great! the pt test just go with the guy talking and he`ll set the pace it`s not all that hard.