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Appeal Air Force


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I had been recently deemed unfit for service by the RMO due to a previous spinal fracture that occurred in 2017 along with epiretinal membrane that was found during my pre-screening when I underwent laser corrective surgery. Regarding my spine, I recovered within a few months and was able to go back to normal physical activity. I currently am physically fit, I am able to lift approximately 315lbs for deadlift along with 275lbs for squats. I also go on 5km runs to prepare for BMQ. When I mentioned my injury during the triage, I took my FDL to my physician who wrote "Avoid heavy lifting" which is what was explicitly mentioned in the letter from the RMO. It was my mistake to not review the letters that my doctor wrote as she filled them out and I just picked them up the following day. I recently got an x-ray which was unremarkable and am planning my appointment soon with my physician to ask her to redact her initial recommendation and to assist in refuting the claim by the RMO. My concern is that I am afraid it will not be enough to prove I am physically capable for service. I was considering getting a referral to a physiatrist specialist for a better opinion but the wait times are several months to a year. I am wondering for those who have experience can tell me if a physician letter will be enough.

Regarding my eyes, I have epiretinal membrane in one eye which is supposedly rare for my age as I am currently 23. This condition usually occurs in people older than 50 due to the vitreous pulling away and stretching the retina causing scarring. I am unsure why I have it but it has no impact on me. I had lasik done for the application and currently my eyes are normal vision. The condition is very mild and does not affect my sight. They mentioned this condition may worsen over time which might cause issues but I am really young and the chances of this condition worsening in the next 5 years is really slim. I also have appointments lined up to get letters to reject the RMO's claims. My question here is that I have 2 different appointments, one with my regular optometrist and one with the optometrist that works in the Lasik clinic. I was thinking that more letters refuting claims would yield a higher chance of being approved.

I am also wondering if I should also write my own letter stating what I have stated above to hand over along with my medical documents to give my side. I have contacted my recruitment center's medical section but it has been 2 weeks with no response. I am unable to get any help or clarification from my recruitment center. Outside of my letter which is really vague, I have no additional info on what I can do to appeal and am worried to fail the appeal or cause further delays since I am unsure what more info I can give. I am currently trying to offset delays as aircrew selection is coming up in April/May and I am hoping to make the dates. I have read several threads regarding this topic but since everyone's case is different, I was hoping someone had any opinions or advice. Thanks again