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Question regarding appealing medical


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***I have searched the forum in depth for answers to my specific question, and although there are posts on lactose intolerance, my question is not answered in any of them.

I've been going through the recruitment process since May of this year for ASCO and AEC. I've successfully completed the CFAT & personality trait assessment, Air Crew Selection as well as medical and physical tests, and from what I've been told I believe my security clearance has come back fine.

I was told at the medical that being lactose intolerant wasn't anything to worry about but after submitting my forms from my doctor, Ottawa requested another form to be filled out by my doctor going into more detail about my lactose intolerance. She wrote that it wasn't really an issue and that outside of drinking milk, I was able to consume all other forms of dairy with little to no consequence. Basically, if I drink milk I will get sick but all other forms of dairy are fine, and IF there is an issue it's just a bit more gas than normal, something easily remedied with a lactase supplement.

I later received a call from the Captain at my recruitment office and he told me that I was deemed "medically unfit", he couldn't tell me why because he didn't have access to that information but the only thing on my medical that was mentioned as a potential issue was about being lactose intolerant. He then told me I could appeal the decision but I would have to wait for the official letter from Ottawa to know more, I've been patiently waiting for the letter but still nothing. I'm just wondering if there is a number or email address I could contact to help expedite the process as I'm assuming more appointments with specialists will have to be made.

If anyone has a phone number or email for the recruitment medical section, I think the specific number I'm looking for is "CFB Borden Medical Review Board" but I'm not 100%.
When did you receive the call about being medically unfit? The official denial usually comes in the form of a letter by Canada Post so it can take up to 2 weeks.