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Where do I do my initial training?


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The CF website says CFB Esquimalt, the PO at the recruiting centre indicated he thought CFB Halifax.  I have an uncle who recently retired after 31 years as an Electrician, his thought was Halifax as well but his training was a long time ago.  I understood it to be Esquimalt until I spoke to these gentlemen, I am just looking for some clarification.

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Hitman is right - your initial trade training (QL3) for Navy electricians is done at Fleet School in Esquimalt. You'll do your environmen training either before or after your QL3, then be posted to a ship, either east or west coast. Once you've been posted to a ship on a particular coast, you pretty much stay on that coast unless there's some exceptional circumstances, so future training for those on the west coast will continue to be at CFFS Esquimalt; for the easties in the crowd, you'll be going to the Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School (CFNES) at Slack - er, I mean, CFB Halifax :-)