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Re-Enlist with a 5F release

Pte Spoon

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So a few years ago I joined the Army Reserves. I never liked it or the people I was around in my unit. after 3-4 years I stopped going and became NES. A year later in September 2020 I was 5F released. After almost 2 years of not going and being released, I did a lot of thinking, had other jobs, and decided that what i really wanted to do for a career was in the Military but full-time. I applied and was told by a recruiter that because of my 5F release I have to wait 5 years meaning I could not join until September 2025. Is there any way to reverse a 5F? Contact someone in my old unit or somewhere else? Putting lots of thought into something to decide it's what you want as a career then being told you have to wait 4 more years really sucks. I was young, dumb, and thought it was the reserves so who cares. But another 4 years and I'll be getting close to 30 which is not an age I wanted to join at.

Just really hope there is some way around this to prevent me from working some crap job I hate for 4 more years while I wait to re-enlist again. Like I said I was young, joined at 19 didn't care for anything at the time. I was still honourably released. It's just crazy that being young, dumb and not showing up instead of a request to quit means I have to wait 5 years after the year-2 years it takes for them to actually remove you. That's almost a 7 year time period I'll be out for.

I've contacted someone from my old unit's orderly room in the hope maybe I can chat with the CO who approved the 5f release. Not sure if that will work but if anyone has any ideas or knowledge about this I would appreciate it very much.
Is there any way to reverse a 5F?

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That's almost a 7 year time period I'll be out for.
Most jobs wouldn't give you an opportunity to be rehired after being fired for not showing up at work.

There's way you can have your 5F release item amended to a more favorable one. Usually it involves having some kind of extenuating circumstances. It'll be a harder sell if you went NES because you thought the reserves were stupid and didn't care. Reserve unit adjt can help. Recruiting can (should) also explain how to do it.

And to manage your expectations a read of this forum will show you some people are waiting a year or two to join without a 5F hanging over them.
some people are waiting a year or two to join without a 5F hanging over them.
Yeah, that's what would be upsetting even more is knowing that after another 4 years, when the 5F no longer prevents me from joining, I will still need to wait months to years to join again.