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Hark! What's this here thing for?

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Going forward, we wish to limit the amount of text a linked news article post takes up on the forum in individual posts. It has been pointed out that lengthy articles can be onerous and lengthy to read/digest when perhaps only a few lines are relevant. Some users just skip on by, which can have knock on effects for discussion. However, it has also been pointed out that some articles have a habit of getting new links, completely disappearing from the web, or going behind paywall, which would limit content to whatever snips someone takes and also adversely affect credibility of the quotes taken.

What we are asking going forward is for you to write your post in the new sub-board located here. For those who like their own nav ex, it's located at the very last of all the boards on your screen in a board called The Archives.

After you have copied the text of your post into the archive thread and posted it, you can then link to it from whatever topic you are interested in sharing it in, and go further by quoting whatever snips you wish to tackle specifically. It will not affect that specific board's usability because it is meant as a dumping ground for the larger posts and should be linked to from specific posts, which will act as an auto reference.

As pointed out above, this makes readability of the posts/topics much easier, and it also saves the material you are quoting. Just please keep to the Fair Dealings Provisions of the Copyright Act in all cases.

Going forward from here, we reserve the right to move longer posts into said board to, again, keep readability at the highest.

If anyone has alternate suggestions as to how we can preserve content of the site but also save some bandwidth and page space (from a user ease perspective) then we are all ears.
Not open for further replies.