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Applying for Hull Tech this morning


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Hi guys.
Going in this morning to apply for Hull Tech.
Not really interested in anything else.
Electrical might be an option, but I can be a land lover for that.

My situation;
I've been an unticketed welder for about two years now.
Just various mig/stick jobs with a tiny bit of stick in construction.
I got into the local IBEW 353 for 309a electrician.
Did the basic two week safety and  training and now sitting on my can, waiting for work, and doing my grade 11 physics through correspondence.
I have a grade 12 data management  university stream, at least, with a 72% average.
Also have a university degree in philosophy (naval gazing) ;D.

I'm not as interested in electrical as I am in welding.
I run a clean bead with both short circuit and spray on all sorts of gauge mild steel.
Also did some aluminum.

I suspect I'm going to have a rocky road because of some bits and bobs in my history, medical and in regards to John law. :facepalm:
We shall see.
I was hoping there would be more threads in this sub topic.
Mostly crickets. Oh well.

Good luck with your application.  It's a great trade and if you're successful you'll see many changes come to pass. 
So how much welding do the guys actually do, as a percentage of time?
Do they do other processes instead of just MIG/Fluxcore? TIG? Stick? Submerged arc?
I noticed plumbing and pipe fitting. Sounds like a really neat opportunity. I've done purely plate and thin gauge  with some aesthetic stuff.

Does the trade weld the actual hull? Or is that done by civilian contractors in dry-dock?

Anyhow, its an exciting trade none the less.
How much sailing and how much in home port does the average sailor expect in this trade?

Thank you kindly. ;D

On ship, it's stick and TIG.  We also do oxygen/acetylene work such as brazing pipes and fittings or cutting etc.  No MIG.  As for how much?  That all depends on what is going on.  Not a huge amount in the grand scheme it's just one of the things we do among many.  If you're really hot and horny to weld, weld, weld this isn't the trade for you.  Look at Materials Technician.  They do a substantial amount compared to us, lots of MIG, stick, TIG.

Time at sea...  That all depends on what ship, what coast and what level your ship is at.  If your unit is high readiness and a platform that's needed out there, you'll probably be sailing quite a bit.

Welding on the hull as I take your meaning is a yard job and unless you're part of the welding shop at the FMF you won't be involved as a rule.  If you're working in the plate shop as I did, you'll be involved in getting plate ready for the welders.  Just as important.
Thank you. Much appreciated. :D
That was the answer I expected actually.

Extremely interested.
My biggest issue will probably be my medical.
I hope to be able to sort that out ASAP; to see if I am eligible.
It would be a real kick to the nether regions if I'm not even eligible.

I will also look into the materials technician trade.
I watched the video for that trade.
The one guy wears a respirator without filters when spray painting. That should probably be done with a positive pressure hood. :facepalm:
Looks like the kind of stuff  I do. Mend abused and neglected company assets. :nod:

Thanks again. ;D