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Applying for DA while submitting plan for ETB. Fair shake or no?

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Hey all,

Long time poster but made a new account for this question, (so you can tell where my head is at and how much trust I have in VAC! But that's another story)

I'm not questioning the legality of putting in a DA application while processing and planning a "formal training plan" for ETB, I know its legal. I'm here to get some OPINIONS on whether I will get a fair non-bias kick at the Disability award while undergoing ETB training.

Basically, how bad does it look saying;
"I'm well enough to ask for you to pay for some new training for me," but at the same time, "hey, remember all the things that i busted while in the CF? Ya i'd like some compensation for some of that now too".
I know that everybody is going to say, well it's all situationally dependent on the injuries, the type of training sought for ETB, the history with VAC, medical history, etc etc.
I get all that, every case is diff so I want to give some more info about my case and then use the hive-mind to do a poll and get some OPINIONS - scary thing to ask for these days but don't worry I won't be offended, this Vet ain't no snowflake so lets hear it plz!

Specific point for my case:

  • I qualify, and have the letter of approval for the smaller ETB roughly in the low $40ks
  • I want to do flight training for ETB - I saw that VAC has this listed as an ETB option and I already have my private license but would like to do some more training why not!
  • Medically released 3B
  • Looking to apply for DA issues that would have zero bearing on my ability to safely operate an aircraft, the only thing remotely close would be my lower back that got rekt about 15 years ago while serving.
  • Further to the "safe to fly" issue, I just recertified my category 3 Medical last month.

So taking all that into consideration if you were in this situation and had to choose what would you do or what would you recommend a buddy do? Maybe this is all no problem at all, I'm just jaded and bias against VAC, so that is why I want to get a clear set of other peoples opinions to take off my "negative-bias glasses."

Thanks in advance!

For all the CYA stuff, this is a completely fiction situation and an exercise in exploration of an imaginary narrative. :) Cheers!
Wow, no answers.

I would tell my buddy go for it. If you don't ask you have nothing, if you do ask the worst that can happen is you have nothing. Might as well go for it and see if you get something.
DA isn't tied to ETB. The people assessing your DA aren't looking at your ETB application.

However if you are DEC that would be something they take into effect or if your on IRB it could effect that as well.