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Advanced biometrics (Split from Infantry of Tomorrow)

Thucydides said:
Sad part is while I'd always advocate for it, the reaction was similar to if I grew another head. Evidently having a stable platform, increasing your effective range from 800 to 1800m and being able to decrease your safety distance from 200+ mils to @ 50 mils (going from memory, really need to get to the library and re read the pam again) when shooting in the attack wasn't considered advantageous....

The main, and terribly weak, argument against carrying the C6 into the assault is that it, and its ammo, is 'too heavy'.

As the Falklands War proved, this is not an issue if your troops are properly fit which, sadly, is a performance metric we seem to cave in on all the time in the face of various 'do gooder' initiatives. Killing the troops with kindness, indeed:

"Truly then, it is killing men with kindness not to insist upon physical standards during training which will give them a maximum fitness for the extraordinary stresses of campaigning in war." S.L.A. Marshall, Men Against Fire