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7th Bn, Royal Australian Regiment moving to Darwin

Folks are not happy moving from Adelaide (city of 1.3 million) to Darwin (city of 140,000)

Darwin is pretty nice though, minus all the things that can kill you of course 😄

Tiere Bis Unters Dach Swimming GIF by SWR Kindernetz
So why the move? What is the rationale behind this decision?
From the post, the APCs they’re using (M113s) are broken so they may be changing to another role. Why that involves a move is beyond me.
Well, there are the two seasons there.

Wet and wetter.
You forgot about "the buildup" season. It's hot, usually overcast, always with ultra high humidity, but there won't be a drop of rain to cool things (or you) down. Luckily it only lasts 6 - 10 weeks prior to the wet season.....
One of the armoured regiments may also be moving north.