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30 Day Survival Challenge


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Just recently started watching this guy. Kind of weird funny dude. Seems like a pot smoking hippie from BC who drywalls for a living.

Video is of him and a driend surviving in the Canadian Rocky Mountain bush for a month foraging abd fishing for their own food.

He's got some other pretty neat videos out there. If you're into survival or bush craft they're worth a look.

Thanks. I'm blown away by that guys self-taught bush craft skills.

Here's a video of him starting a fire with a plastic ziplock bag and some water. He also uses moss and heated rocks for a bed and the moss as a blanket -  and manages to look like a monster out of a horror movie.


The amount of respect and reverence he has for nature is palpable in his videos. He seems like such a pleasent person.
No excuses then. Maybe he didn't think his video would get many views.