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Doctor says my health is fine and should not affect my future even though my blood levels are slightly abnormal.
Now questions are - Whats my hope of getting selected, Secondly how and where can i see the number of applications with whom i am competing with (any online stats page), thirdly how long is it taking now from here to receiving the enrollment ceremony arrival.
Hey Bro, I have Bachelors degree in Electrical engineering with EIT designation from PEO for P.Eng. I have been in engineering field since 2017, always passionate to join military engineering so I did. Gave the CFAT got the trade i want( electrical and mechanical engineering officer). Just wondering they collected my documents for reliability screening purpose.

Documentary Review: Shadowing the Third Man (2004)​

October 11th, 2004

Media Europe, NHK, BBC, 95 Minutes

This goes into great depth about the film, looking at how it was made, as well as being a love letter to Vienna and the iconic locations where the film was shot.
Heeeeey so I might have leukemia, blood cancer, or bone marrow failure according to my blood doctor. Now I have to have a bone marrow aspiration and a bone marrow biopsy… why me, man-
hello, as a new member id like to point out that you should seek a SSL Cert from the canadian govt for anything related to the canadian military and such, one with the EV level.
Mike Bobbitt
Mike Bobbitt
Thanks Wayne, completely agree in principle, but as we are not an official site and receive no financial support other than from our members, EV certs are out of reach. Certs would be needed for Army.ca, Navy.ca, Air-Force.ca, and Milnet.ca, increasing the cost.

P.S. You may want to remove the Protected B info from your avatar. :)
Wayne a j jr Craig
Wayne a j jr Craig
i am having a difficult time with knowledge in my poor head that i have been working on, can you please contact the canadian armed forces 709 communications reserv (was reservist from age of 17 (1987-1997) and find a way for me to start up a dialog with them, as i have more tech in my head that i have been working on, such as theories in communications and advanced communications using exotic energy types
Mike Bobbitt
Mike Bobbitt
Sorry Wayne, as noted this is not an official site of the CAF or DND, and I have no connection to 709 Sqn. Best of luck with your search.
So, now I have to see a hematologist because my platelets are extremely low and we have to find out why. I hope it is nothing serious and I can still serve one day...
I guess my biggest fear is the fear of failure and messing up because of my ADHD and the iceberg of symptoms it can affect.