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Funny Pix & Video Thread

Not // Not laughing....."buddy".

There is a not very fine line between funny and flat-out ignorant.

This is not funny.

But you do you.

I on the other hand will honour and protect those I have served with from the aspersions of the drive by fruiters.

If you have a funny meme about mechanics, medics, Suptechs, MSE Ops, Engrs, Cbt Arms (teehee), JTACs, pilots, AirOps, AirNavs Martechs, NWOs etc...I will also question that.

If you think our allies are worthy of mockery as well, I will also call that out.

I don't really care who you are or what you think, but I always call BS when I see it.

Have a nice day

You're being a bit to serious.

We take the piss out of each other all the time. It's actually a sign of camaraderie and esprit de corps.

You should sit around with me and the rugby lads over a pint, you'd think we hated eachother. When in fact we are as tight as can be.
All true, including the rugby bit which I enjoyed immensely over my almost 40 years of playing.

I over-reacted...and I should have taken it to DMs. It was the second post in a short period that was dismissive of the USMC using old stereotypes, and it got up my nose.

I retract my statements and will wind my neck in.
An organization that accepted good folks like Minnie Spotted-Wolf as part of The Few, The Proud is a first rate outfit. Imagine having her as your high school teacher, which she did for 29 years after the war.
Don't let fear, tradition, or lack of common sense hold you back.
It’s that time of year again!!


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