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Clearance diver

Canuck_55555 said:
Difference between combat diver?

All Things Combat Diver (merged)
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Pusser said:
There are essentially four types of divers in the CF (not including the diving that SAR Techs do):

1) Ship's Diver - a specialty that anyone from any Regular or Reserve occupation can qualify in.  The reality though is that most Ship's Divers come from the Navy (both Reserve and Regular).  Even the support trade personnel who get the qualification get it while posted in Navy positions.  This is a secondary duty and even if you are on the Ship's Dive Team, your actual occupation takes primacy (e.g. cooks only dive when they're not cooking).  This is shallow-water diving (SCUBA), limited I believe to two atmospheres.

2) Combat Diver - a specialty qualification within the Engineers (army guys who build and blow up bridges as well as a lot of other cool destructive things).  To be honest, I know little else about these guys.  They wear a different badge than the Ship's Divers, but essentially take the same training at the Fleet Diving Units.

3) Clearance Diver - an actual full blown Regular Force occupation.  Clearance Divers dive for a living.  This is a "robber trade" in that Clearance Divers are drawn from the ranks of Ship's and Combat Divers.  When becoming a Clearance Diver, you actually remuster into the new occupation.  The Combat Divers actually change uniform from Army to Navy as well (Clearance Diver is strictly a Navy occupation).  In other words, traditionally, you have to join the CF as another occupation, qualify in it while also qualifying as a Ship's/Combat Diver and then change occupations later (if accepted into the program).  I don't know how they deal with people who are qualified as commercial divers first.  Clearance Divers are the Navy's "hard-hat" divers (deep water, decompression, mixed gas, etc).  The reason they're called "clearance divers" is because one of their tradtional main duties is the clearance of sea mines.  Clearance Divers are also the Navy's primary EOD/IEDD specialists.

4) Port Inspection Diver - full blown Naval Reserve occupation.  This is a step up from Ship's Diver, but not as extensive as Clearance Diver.
Not sure if someone has posted this before (sorry in advance if they have) but it seems like becoming a clearance diver has become easier, application wise. It's a few months old but it was still posted in 2018.
Any CAF member can now apply and you don't need any diving experience. Not sure if reservists can apply.
Combining fitness and community service: Running a marathon to raise donations for the holidays.    :christmas happy:

Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic will put their fitness and readiness to the test on Saturday, embarking on a 50 km run through the streets of Halifax to raise funds for the annual #ChristmasDaddies @DaddiesTelethon. Members will collect donations as they run. #ReadytoHelp
overwatch said:
Can reserve NWO CT to CL D or CL D officers?

IAW with the CANFORGEN (098/20) for Officer you need to be a Reg Force NWO and at a minium have your NOPQ to get on the Selection course. If you choose to go NCM; and if you pass the selection course, you will have to resign your commission and start your course as an NCM (most likely as a LS). There has been a NCM CL D that was previously an Air Force Officer, although now moved on to other things.