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Best support Airforce career

Hey guys,

So I’ve completed both medicals, the drug use form, and my initial interview. Both the medical team and the examiner said they would be suggesting enrolment on my file. During the interview I said my interested careers were in no particular order:

Avation systems tech

Avionics systems tech

Aircraft structures tech

I go for my CFAT on Monday and it sounds like my last opportunity to adjust my preferences. I was really set on Sonar operator but they said that was closed so I’m back to being confused. What would be my best options out of these careers? Seems like a ton of overlap in job descriptions. Just so I can create a particular order of preference. Or another similar career in Air Force that would be better in your opinion? Anyone currently work as one of these and love it? Hate it? Or wish u had chosen something else you’d be willing to share? Know of someone? I’m willing to do anything but which is better as a career? More options in the civilian world, better spec pay, more in demand? Job security and money wise I guess. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, suggestions or advice.