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combat engineer

  1. ShooQauser17

    Can I get into the Infantry or Combat engineer if I did bad in grade 11 but did good in grade 12 and got all of my credits recovered?

    I did bad in grade 11 I failed Automotive's class and photography (I’m not bad at auto work I got really sick and got caught behind) in grade 12 though I did good getting 75’s-80’s and I got all my credits. But I’m worried since I did bad in grade 11 I might get rejected. (I’m not trying to be...
  2. T

    Combat Engineer to Medical Officer

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have some questions about joining in the near future and how I can fully make the most of the CAF with my goals. I want to be a medical officer, I’m receiving post secondary education in the sciences in hopes of successfully attending...