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  1. sapperboysen

    Heat dome moves toward Alberta after shattering temperature records in B.C., N.W.T.

    I can only speak anecdotally to what I saw while working. We didn't do anything besides Red and Purple calls (Manchester MPDS) for the duration of the heat wave. More minor calls just waited and often turned into Red's and Purples'. We did cardiac arrests with down times of over an hour. The...
  2. sapperboysen

    diabetes and HMCS Quadra

    This is anecdotal but we were not able to accommodate a Celiac cadet in Vernon last summer. I also had one of my cadets RTU'd from Albert Head due to the same issue last summer. I would engage with your regions RCMLO through your daughters CO to see if this can be accommodated. In both cases...
  3. sapperboysen

    Brigade, Command, Division badge [army side]

    True, but it has been my experience that the DEU patches tend not to get taken off when these staff members get posted, hence why the above commenter might have seen them in the wild. We have been directed to not wear the VCDS patches in combats. Our formation is working on the patches right...
  4. sapperboysen

    Brigade, Command, Division badge [army side]

    CIC officers are not under the army command and so do not wear brigade or division patches. The formation is working on the wearing of either the formation badge or RCSU badge while in combats but this has not been authorized yet. Are you sure the officer was CIC and not a Reg F officer from...
  5. sapperboysen

    New to CIC

    BOTC is a basic course to get people to function as a member of the CAF. Don't expect much about cadet specific topics though scenarios are often presented in the cadet context. You will do PT each morning. Depending on who your staff are, this may be staff lead or student lead. You will also...
  6. sapperboysen

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    That last looks like the new New Zealand combat uniform. Makes sense with the palm out salute.
  7. sapperboysen

    SIC Scale of Issue/Entitlements (merged)

    Anyone can sign up to have access to the file repository.(https://portal-portail.cadets.gc.ca/_layouts/home-accueil.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fen%2f_layouts%2fAuthenticate.aspx%3fSource%3d%252Fen&Source=%2fen&lang=en)
  8. sapperboysen

    British Military Current Events

    That article is seven years old. I think the bearskins are here to stay for now.
  9. sapperboysen

    current pay scale cadet summer staff

    CATO 13-28 Annex E has the pay scale for staff cadets. You can find the CATO's in the file repository (https://portal-portail.cadets.gc.ca/). You will need to create an account to get access. Here are the pay rates: C/MCpl $71/ day C/Sgt $77/ day C/WO $83/ day C/MWO $89/ day C/CWO $95/ day
  10. sapperboysen

    Thermal underwear / Polypro

    Go to Atmosphere not Sport Check. Atmosphere does all the outdoor adventure activities and has the base layers. Sport Check and Atmosphere are usually the at the same location but they are being located at separate locations more and more (the store I work at is moving in February away from...
  11. sapperboysen

    Thermal underwear / Polypro

    Sport Check/Atmosphere have a pretty good selection of base layers (under armour, Helly Hansen, Icebreaker, Columbia). They also have their boxing week sale until Dec. 29, so 20% off everything in the store. Personally I would go with Icebreaker as it's merino wool. I've used it for civilian...
  12. sapperboysen

    Sea Cadet on Class B - Are there records............

    If you need information about your cadet service, you can always try contacting your old cadet corps. I have files for cadets going back to 1965 so you might get lucky. For information about where the injury report went, you could try contacting the Regional Cadet Support Unit for the area you...
  13. sapperboysen

    Engineer tartan/pipe band

    I did see that. Might be a good starting point. We usually follow the Brits lead on matters like this.
  14. sapperboysen

    Engineer tartan/pipe band

    I'm currently involved with a civilian association pipe band that is the official band for an engineer regiment. I'm trying to find out if the CME has an official tartan. I've looked through the CME traditions document and talked to the regiment with no luck. I've also looked through the 265...
  15. sapperboysen

    RCMP invited to guard Buckingham Palace

    Back to where the stetson all began.  :) http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/05/23/rcmp-musical-ride-buckingham.html
  16. sapperboysen

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    In addition to the single player campaign there is going to be a co-op campaign separate from the single player story. Sounds like it should have some more replay value then the last game.
  17. sapperboysen

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    It appears that JTF2 will be featured in the game as one of the playable multiplayer teams. It will be "blue on blue" as the developer put it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNQFig_258A
  18. sapperboysen

    Speaking of combats for cadets.....

    Because they aren't that different. Especially at distance. There may be different dye lots that would alter the colours of CADETPAT from batch to batch. As for the whole USMC pattern on cadets thing; when CADETPAT was first sourced it came from an American company, US cavalry, and the...
  19. sapperboysen

    Speaking of combats for cadets.....

    I have had the displeasure of wearing CADETPAT a number of times. I'll take OG107 any day of the week. In hot weather OG107 breaths better and when it's wet, it dries faster. This is from personal experience as well as talking to a number of cadets who own the stuff. I have no doubt some people...
  20. sapperboysen

    Wearing Uniform in Public (Cadets)

    The problem I found when I tried this with my cadet uniform, was that the soap would bleed through and leave a white trace on the pant. Starch was also no good as it made the pants shiny. The best solution I found was lots of water, steam, and pressure. It's slightly more difficult then ironing...