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    21 year vet medical release

    Good day I am a 21 year vet still serving . I am carrying many injuries and have approved claims through vac. My question is if I medically release how does that work I was told I retain 90 percent of my salary is this true etc. I am very fearful of getting out but my age and body are...
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    I have done therapy I still work I am on meds now I have good days and bad but what I meant how do they determine your pay out percentage will I get 10 percent 5 percent etc
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    Hello just read some posts I am new to this so here is my question. I have served for 20 years and on year 5 I started having mental issues and tried to seek help and was told I would be released. Knowing this I hid my problems for years and recently I couldn't cope anymore and went for help...