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  1. vanislerev

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    Your gonna be in a tough spot without your QL5.  Somehow still going to have to get ahold of whatever unit was handling your QL4 training as you will need some kind of proof of hours toward your ticket. Likely still going to have to complete all levels of a civilian apprenticeship. They may only...
  2. vanislerev

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    You will generally get rotated through several different units on base as you do your OJT/apprenticeship. Generally you will not be actually posted to a unit outside of a service battalion until you are fully qualified. Then you can request a posting to wherever you want and it will be left to...
  3. vanislerev

    EME training

    Your probably right about the pay increase being after basic. I went through the same thing and got my increase and back pay part way through SQ. didn't get the rank increase until I finished my trade requirements though What does it say about pay? what you mentioned in your first post says...
  4. vanislerev

    EME training

    I assume that when you enlisted you were a ticketed auto or HD tech. What they are saying is they recognize your journeyman status, but you will not get the pay or rank (or both) u till you have completed the required training, they call it different names then when I was in but it will likely...
  5. vanislerev

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    I can honestly say that I thought I read my own mind reading truck techs post. My thoughts on the vtech trade are the exactly same. I liked the forces but not the trade. Deployed as well. Out almost 3 years now. Don't regret it in the least. The eme branch is dead.
  6. vanislerev

    ZAP Number?

    And that is how the problem starts. At the end of your roto everyone returned their kit to clothing in KAF. How can anyone be sure the blood type written on you kit is actually yours, or some guys from 3 rotos prior?
  7. vanislerev

    ZAP Number?

    I havent seen anyone employing ZAP numbers on this roto (3-09). And is the Blood type really necessary? Lets face it, Role 3 isnt going to read that patch to determine what to fill you back up with.... or are we just going for LCF?
  8. vanislerev

    110V outlet in Coyote

    Guys wiring in inverters is pretty common. Steroes are often seen too. Be sure to check with your crew commander first. And if you have zero mechanical knowledge go ask a veh tech to help you out. Its really quite simple, just need to get to the vehicle batteries. And be sure to run an inline fuse!
  9. vanislerev

    Military examines camouflage redesign - Does this mean new uniforms?

    By the time they fade to that point they are full of holes, zipper is toast and usually atleast one button missing. Even if the color is still good they will still be toast in the same timeframe.
  10. vanislerev

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    Having been a civilian mechanic previous to enlisting as a vehicle tech i can tell you that once you have completed your training, and are actually posted to a unit on your apprentiship (QL4) its pretty max relax. Much more time to learn as you go than you would with a service manager breathing...
  11. vanislerev

    Haulin' the C9 and/or C6

    the C9 is no biggie to carry, the weight of the C6 does not bother me as much as the sheer size of it that just makes it a bit akward more than anything else... you will adapt though, dont worry, after you carry it non stop for a while your arms will adapt ;)
  12. vanislerev


    i just went through the whole ordeal as a 1 year college program graduate ( and a year 2 apprentice automotive). i was granted pte. incentive pay category 3 immediately after basic and backdated. the QL3 trades course was slightly shorter as well. IMO civilian training is worlds ahead of the...
  13. vanislerev

    Happy EME Day

    we had to work over EME day, what a rip... oh well, when there is work to be done...
  14. vanislerev

    Vehicle Technician ( merged )

    vision course is far from dead, the first pilot is nearing end of their course, and there is 2 english, and i believe a french course behind them as well.
  15. vanislerev

    EME Cap Badge at CFSEME

    Good to hear stories from the past, to compare to the present. Not boring at all, if you have more to spill, spill it! I am still currently at CFSEME Veh Coy, as a QL3 step (civvy conversion) and I must say, at this point, the best part of my day is the march home. I cant wait get to a unit and...
  16. vanislerev

    EME Cap Badge at CFSEME

    MRT is Mobile Repair Team. We didnt really do a whole lot, a bit of navigating in the vehicle, basic radio procedures, and basics on recieving orders and commands from MRT commanders, ambush drills, that was about it.
  17. vanislerev

    EME Cap Badge at CFSEME

    The Regimental portion of the CET is now down to 2 weeks, with one night in the field, for MRT drills and such. Word is circulating that some people up high want to cut the Regimental portion down to about 3 days, where MRT drills etc will be expected at the SVC BN's after QL3. Currently still...
  18. vanislerev

    EME Kit shop

    Word has it from the Sgt. working the kit shop when I was there this week, is that they will be putting the shop online, sort of like the RCR. A good plan, as it stands, unless you are in Borden you cannot take full advantage of the shop.
  19. vanislerev

    Ottawa hasn't ruled out a guard of honour at war memorial

    We have no shortage of un-trained Pte's at PRETC here in Borden, task a few troops out from here... Most of us look for any excuse to get away from PRETC for a while, and I would be honored to take that position, im sure others would be too. But yes, money is paramount, I still have, for the...
  20. vanislerev

    personal cooking\Brew kits-Whats everyone using?

    Iv'e been using that technique as well. You can also heat the water first, and add coffee while the meal pack is cooking afterward, as some of that water can be used to cook the MRE rice packets as well (assuming you dont add them directly to the meal), then when the meal is cooked, dump the...