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  1. PPCLI Guy

    CDS General Eyre announces retirement

    Ah. Anecdotal. So not able to be corroborated. Or referenced. Or defended. And to be clear when you say "both actually", you mean that no one of rank is motivated by anything other than power and self-aggrandizement? I am assuming that you are at exactly the same rank that you joined...
  2. PPCLI Guy

    CDS General Eyre announces retirement

    Because clearly that is the only motivation for senior people. Not service. Not duty. Not honour. Or are you projecting based off of your experience with senior LEOs?
  3. PPCLI Guy

    CDS General Eyre announces retirement

    I think that you will find that some of the motivation for this is that troops in units do not have the option to work from home, so maybe staff and leaders in HQs should get up every day and go to work. Shared hardship and all of that. And as a preemptive statement - you may well have been...
  4. PPCLI Guy

    Question About Only Having Grade 10

    For context, I joined both the Reserves as an NCM and Regs as an officer with Gr 11. I had a long and fruitful career. but it all started with Gr 11....
  5. PPCLI Guy

    The Eternal Debate- helmet scrim; fact or fiction

    It is clearly a timeless classic...
  6. PPCLI Guy

    Iran Super Thread- Merged

    But but....it is Canada that said it. The same Canada that can't spot the punctuation. Our Allies are not saying "we need more Canada" They are saying "we need more, Canada". Classic let's eat Grandma stuff
  7. PPCLI Guy

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    This is incredibly galling, and is in my not at all humble opinion a firing offence. What "leader" doesn't read the int reports? I spent years reading the dailies first thing every morning, and I wasn't the fucking head of a G7 nation. Any bets on whether he ever passed up reading the press...
  8. PPCLI Guy

    Did you want to join the army growing up?

    I joined the Mo because neither of my older siblings had prepared the ground for the likes of me...and there was a parental "intervention" as until I hit 16 they had never had cops visit the house..... After 8 years Res and 32 years Reg F it all worked out okay in the long run.
  9. PPCLI Guy

    GAC Employee accused of grooming, sexual assault of Afghan interpreter

    Like Junior Hockey players now in the NHL. They have rights...and lawyers. Or even the leader of an enlightened G7 country with a "Feminist Foreign Policy" who has NDAs in place and is able to claim that the accusers "experienced things differently"....
  10. PPCLI Guy

    GAC Employee accused of grooming, sexual assault of Afghan interpreter

    If that was an allegation made against a CAF member, the name would have been released immediately, especially if they had since been promoted to GOFO
  11. PPCLI Guy

    Five things to know about the auditor general's reports on the federal public service

    So I just did a bit of research. in 2023 there are just over 27K Public Servants in DND (and 253 Execs). In 2010 there were just over 27K PS (and 150 EXs) Then DRAP happened and there was a substantial dip, with a low of 23K in 2015 PS recovered quickly, as recruiting slowed At current...
  12. PPCLI Guy

    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    Right. I keep forgetting about The RCR... @Haligonian
  13. PPCLI Guy

    RMC/ROTP 2024-2025

    Huah. Served 40 years in the Infantry on a 37 year warranty. Just kidding. It will be an awesome adventure!
  14. PPCLI Guy

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    Industry and the CAF are like Chickens and Pigs for breakfast. The chicken is involved. The pig is committed. We be the pig. Just sayin'
  15. PPCLI Guy

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    I may be an old broken retired dude who is out of the loop but I am pretty sure we are not giving the Canadian people (our real Boss) $31B worth of National Defence...
  16. PPCLI Guy

    Trudeau Popularity - or not. Nanos research

    Ma femme, qui s'appelle Lisette Madeline, without context provided a true translation, as I also understand it from growing up in Mtl: dull or boring. Not challenging or even tedious. Dull or boring.
  17. PPCLI Guy

    Military Judges Compensation Committee

    Uhuh. Lawyers be lawyering. Whatabout a soldiers impartiality? Is that just a given? You know....that whole unlimited liability thing. Any Mil Judges subject to that? Maybe soldiers should be protected by " 1) security of tenure; 2) financial security (i.e. pay and benefits must be...