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  1. Harris

    Cost of housing in Canada

    And that is why snr folks in organizations with issues never improve their organization. Problem? What problem. Nothing to see here.
  2. Harris

    Canadian Forces Reservists behind fake letter warning of wolves being released

    Point 1's answer is absolutely. The staff were briefed on the proper way to create and distribute/return training documents. Point 2's answer is also absolutely true. The staff were also briefed on proper exercise document control for future exercises and measures were put in place to ensure...
  3. Harris

    Army Reserve Officer

    I'll tray and fill in some of the blanks but your best bet is to do research on the official sites. 1. Covered. Note As a Class A reservist you will get paid by the half (6 hours or less in a Midnight to Midnight timing) or full day (over 6 hours, Midnight to midnight). Therefore, a...
  4. Harris

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone. To those of you in harms way, stay safe.
  5. Harris

    Army Reserve Restructuring

    And I bet they don't have nearly the same admin overhead the Class A soldier does too. DLN ring a bell?
  6. Harris


    Will Reserve Units get some too?
  7. Harris

    Compassionate leave eligibility

    We don't have retention issues, we have RECRUITING issues where I work. Or so the going feeling is.
  8. Harris

    Hybrid Electric Vehicles

    And also why I have a wood stove with a flat cooking surface.
  9. Harris

    Business Class for TD Travel

    I have many times travelled with Air Force and Navy pers in the Capt-Maj Rank level and walked my sorry self to Cattle Class while they peeled off to Business class.
  10. Harris

    Hamas invaded Israel 2023

    Executive Board Him in all his glory.
  11. Harris

    job with the CAF ?

    Annnnd... We're done here. Thread locked. ARMY.CA STAFF
  12. Harris

    03.2023 until 03.2024

    Paalerk, You've already gone over this in your other recruiting thread. The answers won't change if you ask again. None of us on this forum can answer your medical questions. Go through the recruiting process, be honest about your previous issues/concerns, and see where you wind up. You...
  13. Harris

    Reserves Training

    OK. This has gone on long enough and has nothing now to do with training. If you want to debate a religious end of times or whatever, start a new thread. LOCKED.
  14. Harris

    Reserves Training

    OK. I'm not sure if your trolling us, or really feel the way you describe, but seriously, you need to stop. The Military is NOT like in the movie's for the most part, and we don't fight religious battles against the Great Satan or some other religious being or twist people's heads off in hand...
  15. Harris


    Is there a question or point to all of this information? I'm not sure why you came into here to post all of your personal medical information.
  16. Harris

    Reserves Training

    So you need to decide if you want to do Armoured (drive around in the TAPV as a reservist or Leopard 2 as Regular Force) or Infantry (Back of trucks or foot borne in the Reserves and LAV 6 in the Regular Force). Regular Force (Full time job) or Reserves (Part Time with some full time mixed in...
  17. Harris

    LGBTQ Stuff (split from other political threads)

    My understanding of the current Signature Block rules is that the Personal Pronouns line (Line 2) is optional to have, but mandatory to use if listed. A small difference from "...mandated in our email signatures." I personally don't use one, but if someone has listed it, I use it, or if not...
  18. Harris

    Ian [Kat] Stevens

  19. Harris

    Wanted Mess Dress

    I may have something that might fit. PM me your sizes and I'll measure my Mess Kit. I retired last month so am looking to sell. It's currently done up as Halifax Rifles. Also have Wellingtons and spurs to go with it if required.
  20. Harris

    Simon Logan v. Her Majesty The Queen

    I have had to "release" from the Reg Force three times. Once for every Class C tour I was on. And I confirmed that the paperwork was "release" paperwork. Seemed very odd to me at the time.