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    Advice appreciated - Is this normal or am I screwed? (DEO)

    I got AEC earlier this month. The interviewer MCC can tell your CFAT, others can't. I think I'm about 56+/60, also ACS I was told "very very competitive" all my marks to the right end. Even though I missed ACSO, because when I'm into competition list it's already closed (around July). This...
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    Leave Policy – Christmas / Holidays [Merged]

    Thanks very much for this reply. I think this means for Nov BMQ / BMOQ, you cannot stay in CFLRS during Christmax block leave (3 weeks). I will probably keep renting my current place for the period. Is it possible to get leave travel allowance for the block leave period?
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Center: CFRC Toronto Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Entry Plan: DEO Trade choice 1: ACSO Trade choice 2: LOG Trade choice 3: AEC Application date: 2017-Nov First contact: 2017-Nov CFAT: 2017-Dec Background check 1&2&3: 2018-Jul (3 different forms) Aircrew selection...
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    Aircrew Selection/ACS (Merged)

    No. Processing time depends on which CFRC you apply. Toronto is completely liner, you must complete background check to start queue ACS (took me 14 months waiting from CFAT to ACS), after ACS to queue for interview and medical (another 8 months to finish medical). They do not process your file...
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    Application - How long does it take? (Merged)

    So far I found processing time depends on which CFRC you applied, and the "prioirty" of your trade. Some CFRC do mutli-tasking, they process background, interview, medical at same time, can be very fast 3-9 months to BM(O)Q. Some CFRC only liner-tasking, you must complete background to get in...
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    Waiting Game

    I'm somewhat self-employed, but at same time I have several part-time work, so managers can "prove" I'm socially good. I think that's what you need (or recruitment need). I recommend sending delivery as easy start, meeting hundreds of people everyday and not getting rejected. ;D
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    Waiting Game

    It sounds as you had moral health trouble rather than physical? I think medical only deal with physical issue. Anyway I have real physical (cardiology) problem. Good to know it will take like 7 weeks. Thanks a lot.
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    Waiting Game

    I waited 18 months for medical as the last step, but the real problem is just starting. How long your medical assessment come back? 2 months?
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    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

    Mintz called my references 2 months ago. So I think 330-23 is completed, 330-60e is additional requirement to 330-23, because I met all 3 conditions (not borned, not lived 10 years, have parents abroad). I just don't know 330-23 and 330-60e are separate process and I have to go over both...
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    Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

    After completion of CFAT & TBS 330-23 (Mintz Global Security), I was required to fill out Pre-Enrolment Security Clearance Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (330-60e)(not signed, just email), and wait for "Pre-Assessment Interview" in CFRC office to sign & submit this form (to Ottawa, which begins...
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    Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) [MERGED]

    Did CFAT adjust difficulty from previous part? Just did CFAT, verbal was disaster (really more difficult than GRE - graduate level for non-english speakers. I had IELTS 8.0 but still a completely failure). But after that, Spatial and Numberical were as easy as 8~10-year old elementary school...
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    I just realized my question very silly. Because so age situation don't apply to the most. Of course not enough sample for the quite few outliers. It must be very personal specific. (I basically give up the idea) Sorry for trouble. May I restate this age+combat query as poll: Suppose/image...
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    I did the research, read many posts (50+ pages) about age (and more megathreads about training) before I ask, including many of your previous answers. Still, typical results are "I know a few supermen, not me", "I'm 40,50 done BMQ (not related to combat)", and positive enouragement "age is not...
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    Yes that's the post worried me. Before reading that post I think I maybe just fine, after, I feel combat officer actually applied (though not stated) US age 27 threshold as physical requirement, and I'm out unless I'm ironman athlete beyond age. I don't want to be someone "waste time and...
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    Am I too old, unfit or uncertain?

    Am I too old for warrior trades? (DEO artillery, infantry officer, regular or reserve). Most topics only encourage to join, but not specifically about age+combat. I'm nearly 33. If application go smooth I will be 35 to start, serve till 40. I was in good shape before, 10 years ago I ran 42km...