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    Personal car at Basic, or other courses? [MERGED]

    Quick summary of my situation: I have a month left of basic and I do not have my car with me so I was told that they will fly me out to my next posting in Esquimalt. However, I need my car so I was wondering how I can go about leaving with my parents after graduation so I can drive from home to...
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    BMOQ July 22

    Anyone else starting on this day?
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Centre: Barrie (ON) Entry plan: Regular DEO Choice 1: Naval Warfare Officer Choice 2: Aerospace Control Officer (Dropped) Choice 3: Air Combat Systems Officer (Dropped) Applied: 12/06/2018 First Contact: 12/11/2018 CFAT: 12/13/2018 MOST: 03/18/2019 Medical: 04/18/2019 Interview...
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    Interview advice (merged)

    I just did an interview for Naval Warfare Officer. It's a good idea to be able to explain why your education, work experience, and personal experiences relate to the job and why you think you'd be a good candidate and leader. I thought it was a good idea to prepare a resume and cover letter, and...
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    Competition List Questions (formally called Merit List) [MERGED]

    How long does it usually take to get on the competition list once you complete your medical and interview assuming there are no further complications with your file and application?
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    MARS Training [Merged]

    Can someone tell me the timelines of NWO training after BMOQ that is accurate to date?
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    How many BMOQ courses a year?

    I also want to know this question. As well as whether DEOs can (or often) attend summer serials.
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    BMOQ Training [MERGED]

    Can DEOs attend BMOQ in the summer? Or can only RCMP students?
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    BMQ vs BMOQ differences

    What are the biggest differences between BMQ and BMOQ, excluding course content. For example, I was watching a video of an officer cadet's room, and they had their own bedroom with a couple of other neighbors and shared head. Do NCMs get this too? Are all the amenities and food the same for both...
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    Maritime Officer Selection Test ( MOST ) - merged

    Well, I wrote the MOST today. The only tip I can add to the previous tips in this forum is to practice your SDT calculations and that is honestly all you can do to prepare. The hardest part about the test was the time limitations. The test is 60 multiple choice, broken up into 5 sections with 3...
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    CAF Ranks and Pay

    All clear, thank you!
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    CAF Ranks and Pay

    The Canadian Armed Forces website provides officer payscales for Officer Cadets and up. However, to my knowledge, the equivalent ranks in the Navy are named differently than those of the Army and Airforce. So looking at the Captain payscale on the website, how does it differ from a Lieutenant's...
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    Interview advice (merged)

    Hey guys, I'm going in for my interview next month for NWO and was wondering what kinds of questions they might ask. I took note of what little information they give us on the Canadian Forces website, but if there's other stuff I should prepare for please let me know! Thanks.
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    Maritime Officer Selection Test ( MOST ) - merged

    Hey guys! I applied for Naval Warfare Officer (DEO), and finally been selected for the OST. Any of you have any links to some prep advice or any personal experience with the test that can help me out? My recruiter would only tell me that its nothing like the CFAT and there's no way to prepare...