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  1. Shaolth

    Inquiry for weight, training and diet - Low income.

    Hi to all. As the subject says i'd like to ask for advice here regarding weight gain, training and diet all while on a tight and poor budget. Now I know I could look up on google some advice but figured this topic might be valuable here for myself and anyone else who may face similar issues...
  2. Shaolth

    Past Medical History/diagnostics Inquiry

    I have overcome hell and back in some ways to say that some are surprised i'm not on drugs or bad habits to cope.  I have true belief in strength by determination, willpower and most of all, teamwork - moral support from peers that stand by you through thick and thin. Like a squad and force...
  3. Shaolth

    Past Medical History/diagnostics Inquiry

    As much as the history may seem to hurt, no one is perfect and I believe in Truth, Duty, Honor which of course entails honesty. I'd rather be flawed and honest to overcome and succeed then to lie to be enrolled only to be deemed dishonorable for failure to disclose potential historical flaws...
  4. Shaolth

    Past Medical History/diagnostics Inquiry

    First i'd like to say this is my first post/topic and have not quite seen a thread to post under regarding my situation however if a mod feels this needs to be moved please by all means I would appreciate the proper location sorting. FOREWARNING; This is a long first post that I feel to explain...