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  1. garb811

    OT to MP

    It is, provided you either have: a) Deployed operational experience (international or domestic) of at least six (6) months cumulative, OR b) Must be qualified as a Close Protection Operative (AGGB).
  2. garb811

    Physical Fitness Test - Standard vs. Competitive

    I think the bigger issue is you're asking what a "competitive" FORCE test score is without defining what you mean by competitive. Competitive in relation to what? Selection for JTF2, selection for a jump course, being the top scorer in your unit...? Since you're asking in the recruiting...
  3. garb811

    MS Office 365/MS Teams

    As above, log in via a compatible browser and not the app. www.office.com For the login, use your *@ecn.forces.gc.ca account.
  4. garb811

    MS Office 365/MS Teams

    Try a different browser? It doesn't seem to like IE for me and I will get the spinning wheel of death for extended periods.
  5. garb811

    What’s in a Soldier? How to Rebrand the Canadian Armed Forces

    I know a ex-Reg Force MPO who became the OC of a Support Battery in an Artillery Regt. I know of another ex-Reg Force MPO who became an OC in a Svc Bn and who is now with a Comm Sqn.  I also know of a Inf O who is the OC of a MP Pl and an Inf O who is the Coy 2IC of a MP Coy... With regard to...
  6. garb811

    Cox: Canadians need to get smarter about intelligence-gathering

    I hear the best way to gather intelligence is to hide behind the potted plants in the concourse at 101 Colonel By Drive...  :whistle:
  7. garb811

    Canadians at NORAD

    Yes, unless there's an operational reason to have that waived.
  8. garb811

    What’s in a Soldier? How to Rebrand the Canadian Armed Forces

    Like I've said before and will keep saying, for the vast majority of trades, getting people in the door is not the problem.  The SIP this year was a bit under 6k pers, even with COVID over 3x that number of files were opened at CFRG. The first problem to fix, and has been for years, is closing...
  9. garb811

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    I dunno, maybe the police? I mean, they are the ones mandated to investigate criminal offences after all. Plus they have the ability to legally confirm eligibility, unlike the SVC crowd.  If you're meaning who is going to be "investigating" someone's claim they were a chairborne commando with...
  10. garb811

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Their website is still up, although the blog and "Hall of Shame" have been wiped. Good riddance IMHO, have never been a fan.
  11. garb811

    Remembrance Day: National holiday?/"Veterans' Day"? (merged)

    I'm pretty sure if that was going to be an issue,  you'd be seeing that happening already. The only places where Nov 11th isn't a provincial holiday are ON and PQ. Although is isn't a full holiday in MB, most businesses must be closed from 0900 hrs - 1300 hrs.
  12. garb811

    US Presidential Election 2020

    The policy on this website has been to quote your sources when you are making an assertion of fact. This thread has been allowed to wobble along with personal opinions masquerading as factual statements given the ongoing confusion and contention over the vote, but at this point in the process...
  13. garb811

    D Day Beaches

    Hardly the "scoop" that Dr Felton tries to play it off as, it's easy to find references to Band Beach...  Playing it up as "forgotten history" plays well to his audience, I guess.
  14. garb811

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    The site's policy on Public Profiles has already been posted once, that is equally applicable to publicly answering questions as to their service, or lack thereof. No-one on the site is required to have served to be a member, nor is anyone on the site required to state whether or not they have...
  15. garb811

    Compulsory Occupational Transfer [COT] questions

    You will retain the Cpl rank. This is true of a VOT as well, nobody gets demoted below Cpl/LS as a result of a *OT.
  16. garb811

    Initiatives launched to retain and increase RCAF personnel experience levels

    Really? Based on what reasoning is it a base you can't raise a family at easily? Seems to me that since the city is approx 15,000 people, a whole bunch of civies are able to make it work. What are the special requirements military families have that civie families don't ? FWIW, I've had people...
  17. garb811

    President Trump Discussions- merged thread

    How many times are people going to wade into the *bias debate? There's a specific thread dedicated to media bias, take it there and stop spamming the rest of the board with it. - Milnet.ca Staff
  18. garb811

    What Might Civil War Be Like?

    Second clean-up today due to people wanting to discuss the US Presidential Election in this thread. Last chance, if you want to keep moving this topic into that direction, the entire thread will move to the Global Politics sub-forum. - Milnet.ca Staff
  19. garb811

    What Might Civil War Be Like?

    "Is President Trump Racist?" tangent split off and merged with the US Presidential Election 2020 thread. - Milnet.ca Staff
  20. garb811

    Gun Control: US and Global II

    I'm not sure what your concern is; once you post to the board it is public and liable to be quoted by someone in a different thread if they feel the conversation is better suited for that thread.  Additionally, the DS will also split threads and move parts of that conversation to a more...