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  1. fleeingjam

    CAF in video games

    Bad Company will be for consoles only most likely but they will be making BF3 for PC.
  2. fleeingjam

    DND 404 - Driver's Licence ( merged )

    This maybe be a bit irrelevant and stupid but do you need your civi drivers license to do courses like this one and drivers wheel?
  3. fleeingjam

    TF 1-10

    I tried to hit the submit button but it made me open up Outlook Express, so I had to print it out and take it into my unit OR. Haven't heard back since.
  4. fleeingjam

    Reserves In Toronto

    Hey whats wrong with the kilt and balmoral!  >:( Once you go through your trades courses you will change your mind dont worry. - Cheers - Syed
  5. fleeingjam


    Speaking of Oakleys does anyone here own the SI-Frame Oakleys, the one's that greatly resemble the CF BEWs? Im thinking of getting them and want to know of they're any good. Cheers Syed
  6. fleeingjam

    no you are not dreaming !!!

    Good to see you won the waiting game  ;) Good Luck! - Syed
  7. fleeingjam

    New Army.ca Game (HEADLINES)

    LOL!! thats looks like some one i know  ;D ::)
  8. fleeingjam

    Help! Just refused - need advice!

    Hey Baac, where theres a will theres a way. I was in a similar situation not too long ago, i was rejected for having asthma which i no longer had. When i was younger i had mild asthma, but since i have outgrown it. I had to go see specialists and have tests done to prove that i no longer had...
  9. fleeingjam

    Anyone Else's Enrollment Going So Fast?

    Well this is a change, not too long ago there would only be "Is anyones else's enrollment going so slow" threads everywhere. - Syed :cdn:
  10. fleeingjam

    Question about Pay?

    Oh yes!  >:D most certainly..or else you will adopting the plank position  :crybaby: :cdn: Syed
  11. fleeingjam

    World's Smallest Machine Gun

    Deadly christmas gift  ;D).... On the website it said it could actually kill someone who didnt have any armour on. - Syed :cdn:
  12. fleeingjam

    Question about Pay?

    Well for PRes Class A(which is what im doing), i was even given half-days pay on the day i was sworn in. So like George said.. basicly everytime you sign a pay sheet you get paid. - Syed :cdn:
  13. fleeingjam

    QOR BMQ in nov.

    I am on course already at Moss Park (QOR Armories) our course started September 29th and is still going. :cdn: Syed
  14. fleeingjam

    Your Position

    Im currently in the SOL squad, they are the most elite special forces in canada. - Cough Cough this thread is uberninjasniperjtf2 awsome! EDIT: Looking back he did say he's sorry  ::) So.... The better question Bloodline would be that you ask what trade's people are in, and no we don't have...
  15. fleeingjam


    Alrighty gnome123, first of all your situation isnt hopelesss because there have been many people on these forums who have been in your shoes (me) and many of those people have gone on to become members of the CF. Also telling other people you dont want their advice after indirectly asking for...
  16. fleeingjam

    2 part BMQ?

    I am in 3 section along with all the other Tor.Scots, you? -Syed :cdn:
  17. fleeingjam

    2 part BMQ?

    Thats cool, ill probably see you there at 1930 today, im in the same course. -Cheers -Syed :cdn:
  18. fleeingjam

    Recruiting Nightmare

    Hang in there, it looks like you really want this. I understand what it feels like to have to wait, I also had to wait almost 3 years until i was enrolled to the PRes, so just hang tough and wait it out. - Good Luck -Syed :cdn:
  19. fleeingjam

    What are the doctors looking for?

    Normally when you recieve a letter there is a phone number right on it, so if the CFRC/D call doesn't work you could always just call the person who wrote the letter. You may have to leave a message and wait a bit but normally they will call back, they are really busy alot of the time. -Syed :cdn: