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    Canada's First Nations - CF help, protests, solutions, etc. (merged)

    There seems to have been a turning point with the new guard of FN leaders.  There is a big push now to become less reliant on government funding and become self-sustaining. But it seems with the OW, they are led by the old guard. I recall reading an article written by a past Chief of Membertou...
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    Why everybody is suddenly allergic to everything

    My kid's school does something similar but will limit that food item in that class only because the kids move around from desk to desk so often. Me, not allergic to any food and my only allergies are to ragweed and cannabis (believe it or not). Both give me a pretty bad histamine reaction.
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    PM back from his holidays.

    :rofl: Puerto RICO, Costa RICA
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    CNR Strike 2019

    I know the company my husband drives for is seeing a lot more traffic hauling stuff like methanol because of the strike. He's basically running between Montreal and Milton doing exactly that until the strike ends. More of a chance for him to spend a night or two at home during the week, but less...
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    Kingston thread - merged

    Find someone else in the building who also has internet and ask them what they did?
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    SnowBirds Crash, Atlanta Air Show, 2019

    In the PAO's defence, that Tweet was sent immediately after they got news the pilot was fine, and was posted from a smartphone on scene. That one tweet likely kept the phones from blowing up in Ottawa, Moose Jaw, and at the show site with people wanting to know who the pilot was and if they...
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    Lt Col Chris Spearin - Sept 13, 2019

    I couldn't describe him any better than that. I met Chris before I joined and became one of his SCUBA buddies. And when I went to RMC lo and behold, we had the same "last two" and shared more than a few beer with that as an excuse. I remember band trips and, later, being at 423 Sqn together. ...
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    Desmond Morton, historian and McGill University professor, dies at 81

    Although I was an engineering student at RMC, like everyone else, history was one of those topics that was mandatory for the first 2 years and an option for an arts elective in the last two. I vividly remember the textbooks we used specifically because of how well they were written and how much...
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    Packing for Basic [MERGED]

    Is it waterproof? Are you going to be okay if you break it on course? If you answered "No" to either one of these questions then a Fitbit is not acceptable.  I recommend getting a cheapo digital watch that has an alarm and a timer on it.
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    Meanwhile back at the perpetually offended tent/Infidel tattoo questions

    It's certainly less expensive. Maybe he can get on that "Tattoo Nightmares" show? ;)
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    The Need for a Small Tactical Airlifter

    There are a whole bunch of people who are still alive because of the speed of the Chinooks operating in Mali right now.
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    VAdm Norman - Supply Ship contract: Legal fight

    The man is a narcissist. He doesn't know how to REALLY apologize and likely believes he can do no wrong and was justified in his actions. Heck, look at what happened when the one female MP claimed he had verbally attacked her.  His response was that wasn't how he interpreted things.
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    "Women Veterans Experience a Different Reality than Their Brothers in Arms"

    In other news, water was determined to be wet.
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    I think you hit it there. A woman who has had a hysterectomy or a man who has had prostate cancer may both be on hormones of some level, maybe for the rest of their lives.  But barring any other issues, they'd still be able to deploy.
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    Transgender in the CF (merged)

    It would likely be looked at more in the legality of things.  For example, I doubt that any trans member would even be considered for any kind of trip to Brunei given that country's current laws. Again, it would all likely be addressed on a case-by-case basis and dependant on several factors.
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    Run Up to Election 2019

    Here's an opinion posted on FB by a friend of mine who has worked on various campaigns across the country for each of the 3 main parties.  He tends to post a lot of poll numbers that I will share later as they come up, but I found this interesting, especially as I've always thought the two men...
  17. Strike

    “The Stone Frigate,” by 14390 Kate Armstrong

    If I had time to read books (my two kids are time-suckers) this is one of the ones on my list I'd like to get to, especially being an ex-cadet myself, it would be interesting to see what one of the "first went through 15 years before me.
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    Alleged PMO obstruction in SNC Lavalin case

    Opposite sides of the same coin, those two.
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    Major Stephane Bilodeau R22eR 25 Feb 2019

    BILODEAU, STÉPHANE (JOSEPH) -With a warrior spirit showing great courage, Stéphane, age 49 passed away at Providence Care Hospital on February 25, 2019 surrounded by the love of family and friends. He was a loving and devoted husband of 23 years to his best friend and soul mate Joanne Bilodeau...
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    RCMP raids in Kingston part of national security investigation

    This will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  A cursory check of the guy's FB page doesn't show any political leanings at all. Looked like he was just a guy who wanted to get into computer programming.