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  1. Brad Sallows

    The Fleet Is In

    Something to occupy time...
  2. Brad Sallows

    Mort Drucker Passes

    CBC obit. I suppose only people within a certain age band (and mostly male) will really feel this one. Add: RIP (Rest in Potrzebie).
  3. Brad Sallows

    SYR Refugees to Canada (split fm SYR refugees thread)

    >... Trudeau said his party had already set a target of accepting 25,000 refugees from Syria and the region, but are “committed to doing more.” Why only that region?  What quotas do the NDP and LPC suggest for other parts of Africa, southeast Asia, and eastern Europe? Headlines go back years...
  4. Brad Sallows

    A Tale of Militi Succurrimus

    For those who, like me, did not know some of the details. http://army.ca/forums/threads/26620.325.html#msg1316250
  5. Brad Sallows

    Military Clothing Worn by Politicians

    A bunch of bloggers have their panties in wads (again) over the issue of the PM wearing symbols he has not earned. I don't care if the PM and certain ministers wear clothing, pull a lanyard, drive a tank, etc, etc, but I have some questions. 1. What is the technical (as in regulations)...
  6. Brad Sallows

    Meals at Public Expense - Reserves

    Has there been any amplification of the applicable QR&O/CFAO more recent than 7210-83(DCBA 3-4) dated 31 Aug 01, of which the gist was: "A MEAL AT CROWN EXPENSE IS NOT REQUIRED WHEN A MBR WORKS A NORMAL SHIFT AND IS GIVEN PERS TIME OFF TO CONSUME A MEAL" "3. EFFECTIVE 1 SEP 01 MBRS ON CLASS...
  7. Brad Sallows

    Subsidizing Education

    >I think that the growing importance (indeed, necessity) of university for an increasing number of jobs is one reason why it should be cheap. What percentage of people do you think merit a university education?  Why do you think they should be subsidized by the percentage who are not going to...
  8. Brad Sallows

    LFRR Forums Back Online

    http://armyapp.forces.gc.ca/Army/forum/forum/ It is the army's bulletin board, with new software, and open only to support LFRR discussion at this time.
  9. Brad Sallows

    Another Afghan Arms Cache

    http://www.canoe.ca/NewsStand/Columnists/Toronto/Peter_Worthington/2004/10/15/669611.html Anyone know anything else appropriate for public releas Fri, October 15, 2004 Weapons cache stuns Canucks By PETER WORTHINGTON -- For the Toronto Sun Canadian soldiers attached to the Afghan...
  10. Brad Sallows

    Pte. Victor Howey Laid to Rest

    Recently recovered remains of this member of the Lincoln and Welland Regt were interred today in the Canadian cemetery at Bergen-op-Zoom. Comments and pictures at: http://www.tanknet.org/ubb/Forum2/HTML/000516.html