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  1. FJAG

    Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories

    So, I'm reading Doonesbury this morning and come across this. So I look up RTM and amongst other things find this article. Has anyone heard of this program and is whether or not CAF related programs are using it? 🍻
  2. FJAG

    US Army Grounds CH-47 Chinooks

  3. FJAG

    USSC upholds Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act against States

    Interestingly the division of powers in Canada parallels that of the US re the military. It could mean that a strong Federal job support legislation for reservists in Canada could be upheld by the courts in a division of powers dispute. The four dissenting judges' opinion would have less weight...
  4. FJAG

    Counter UAS

    A couple of months ago (just as the Soviets Russians were beginning to bog down) I did an interview reaching back to 2007 where an artillery observer working with a combat team in complex terrain in Pashmul that was ambushed by roughly a platoon sized force used a TUAV to identify and track the...
  5. FJAG

    A "The Queen's" Battery

    A Battery, 1 RCHA, the oldest serving element of the Regular Force Army has been granted the the honorific title "The Queen's" by Her Majesty. Ubique. 🍻
  6. FJAG

    Preserving Army Fleets

    Makes one chuckle a bit about Canada's fetish in avoiding mixed fleets because of their maintenance complexity. Here we have a nation using equipment and weapons, in the middle of a war, coming from numerous countries of both the NATO and Warsaw Pact and from numerous decades going back to...
  7. FJAG

    US 2022 National Defense Strategy

    The Pentagon has sent a classified version of its 2022 National Defense Strategy to Congress. A non classified version should be available in a few weeks. I the interim there is a short fact sheet available on it. The last NDS was issued in 2018 by Mattis. 🍻
  8. FJAG

    Army Transformation Research

    As some of you know I'm part of a team writing a history of the Artillery during Afghanistan. As part of my part of the project I am writing about Army and Artillery Transformation during the period 2000 to the present. I have a fairly large pool of documents available however there are a...
  9. FJAG

    Ronnie Spector, lead singer of the Ronettes dies at 78

    Ronnie Spector, former wife of Phil Spector and lead singer of the Ronettes died today. The Wall of Sound at its best. My generation is dying out. :cry: 🍻
  10. FJAG

    Combat Camera Photos of Afghanistan

    I was looking for some stock photos on the public facing Combat Camera (or the friendlier "Image Gallery") and can't seem to find any reference to any of our Op Athena etc ops and photos. Am I just imagining things or have these disappeared? If not, does anyone have a link? 🍻
  11. FJAG

    EU Military Mobility Project

  12. FJAG

    Happy Saint Barbara's Day 2021

    Happy Saint Barbara's Day to all my fellow gunners and those that make things go boom in the night. 🍻
  13. FJAG

    Civilianizing the Military Justice System: Throwing out the baby with the bathwater or not?

    This latest article by Murray Brewster on the CBC website is once again floating the idea of civilianizing military prosecutors and defence counsel.Liberals to study plan to move military prosecutors and defence lawyers to civilian justice system Back in the post Somalia days I was part of a...
  14. FJAG

    Artillery in Afghanistan - Observations from the Front

    As many of you already know, Old Sweat, Petard and I have been commissioned to write a book about the Canadian Artillery's experience in Afghanistan. We are slowly working our way through the different rotos but are already seeing some general trends. We're looking for some insight from any and...
  15. FJAG

    Netflix - The Forgotten Battle - The Scheld - Oct 15, 2021

    Netflix is putting out a Dutch movie which takes place during the Battle of the Scheldt (Walcheren) in 1944. Trailer here: The Forgotten Battle Trailer. 🍻
  16. FJAG

    RAND Study: Combating Foreign Disinformation on Social Media

    The USAF had engaged RAND to study the issue of Foreign social media disinformation campaigns. RAND's study and conclussions can be found here: 🍻
  17. FJAG

    Legal Branch 100

    The Queen presented the Legal Branch with a Royal Banner today to celebrate the branch's 100 years. 🍻