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  1. SeaKingTacco

    Col John AR Gardam, Retd (1931-2019)

    A Stalwart of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps and an inspiration to a generation of Officers, as Commandant of CFOCS.  In retirement, he was an accomplished author of Canadian Military first person histories. I first met him in the 1990s.  I always found him to be in excellent humour and his...
  2. SeaKingTacco

    Sea King Retirement information

    The venerable CH124 Sea King Helicopter will retire from Canadian service on 31 December 2018. For those of you interested in following the retirement story or even attending the retirement events in Victoria, BC on 30 Nov-01 Dec 18, please visit: www.skr18.ca See you at the party!
  3. SeaKingTacco

    Deck Operations: merging Boatswain, Steward and the visual signalling part of Naval Communication (f

    How in the frig are bosun, navcom and steward even remotely compatible trades?
  4. SeaKingTacco

    SAR Response Under the Gun Again

    I would point out that, having served for many years as a crew commander, I am intimately familiar with the rules concerning the operation of CF aircraft in all kinds of weather.  I have also conducted SAR operations in all sorts of conditions.  While the mouth-breathers in the comments section...
  5. SeaKingTacco

    Exercise Narwhal

    I watched a good piece on the National tonight (8 Nov) about Ex Narwhal.   Seems that we have forgotten a few hard won lessons about operating in the Arctic.   I'm wondering- is it maybe time for the Navy to start thinking icebreakers again?   Any thoughts?