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  1. FJAG

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    "On road" is a limitation. Military vehicles rarely travel at 100Kph except in admin moves. How often have the guns fighting around Kherson or the Donbas been moving around at 100Kph or moving more than a few kms or dozen kilometres. Batteries carry extra fuel and a functional supply system...
  2. FJAG

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    Maybe its my years with an M109 battery that colour my views in favour of tracked SPs for armoured brigades, but I simply see no advantage coming with a wheeled chassis. Tracks give good mobility and the tracked chassis also gives stability when firing. I certainly prefer the Archer to the...
  3. FJAG

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    @Kirkhill has already answered that. Remember that a 120mm shell weighs around 30 lbs and the 155mm around 93 lbs (they vary by type of projectile but that's close enough for government work.) So it's not only three times the weight of Composite B but also three times the weight of metal...
  4. FJAG

    C3 Howitzer Replacement

    If they're looking for mass of fire, S Korea has over 2,000 towed M101 105 mm howitzers and almost a thousand towed M114 155s which are mostly in storage or allocated to the reserves. Venerable kit that's super easy to maintain and use. 🍻
  5. FJAG

    Mandatory Service in Canada (split fm Ukraine - Superthread)

    We'll run out of equipment and armaments long before we run out of people. :unsure:
  6. FJAG

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    I've always thought that our military approach to proxy/COIN operations used the least developed and armed force in the world as the model to base on thus divesting ourselves of most modern weapon systems that would remain relevant and necessary for even a modestly armed country. It did not...
  7. FJAG

    US Special Operations Command chooses L3Harris’ Sky Warden for Armed Overwatch effort

    That's bloody brilliant. You can see the crop duster heritage in the air frame. Cost effective, highly manoeuvrable and easy to maintain is what they basically are. Not up to the A-10 capability but a good enough payload to fit nicely into Spec Ops. 🍻
  8. FJAG

    British Military Current Events

    Take this article - change UK to Canada and BAOR to 4 CMBG and Bob's your uncle: Is the British Army Really a 'Reference Army'? Arguably No, It Is Not... 😖
  9. FJAG

    Armoured RECCE

    Not necessarily. We operate in Arty tactical groups now where we have one FSCC (run by the Battery comd and an FSCCO) and usually three FOO/JTAC teams (give or take - in Afghanistan we sometimes had four FOO/JTAC teams - these days we're sometimes down to two). There are three such tactical...
  10. FJAG

    Ukraine - Superthread

    I find these kind of situations puzzling. Back in the early 1990s I attended a Humanitarian Law course in San Remo Italy and one of the people on the course with us was a Russian infantry major with experience in Afghanistan (their Afghanistan mission; not ours). He was very knowledgeable on...
  11. FJAG

    Armoured RECCE

    It's not so much that the Army is not sure what it wants to be - it's that its trying to be everything at once. This from "Advancing with Purpose": Ignoring for a moment the meaningless and unfulfilled drivel about being "network-enabled" it is clear that what the CA wants to be is everything...
  12. FJAG

    Armoured RECCE

    I found your article interesting especially from the point of view that we seem to be experimenting with possible solutions in an ad hoc manner. It interests me in that we continue to rely on the ingenuity and "make it work" attitude of our soldiers and junior officers rather than any deliberate...
  13. FJAG

    The junior enlisted guide to doing nothing and looking busy

    Lord, I can still remember those shows on TV. 🍻
  14. FJAG

    The Monarchy and CF

    Trudeau's! 🍻
  15. FJAG

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    You might be able to pull a construction company off another job, but having a cargo vessel on five days NTM when its somewhere between Rangoon and Mandalay is not feasible regardless of how the contract is written. Quite frankly very few construction companies would be able to meet a 3 day NTM...
  16. FJAG

    Jerry Amernic: The downfall of Canada’s military

    Started my career going to and from one of those downtown armouries in Toronto from Scarborough using a bus, a streetcar, a subway and another street car each way in my uniform sitting upright and making sure my battledress blanco'd belt and white lanyard didn't touch the seat and thereby turn...
  17. FJAG

    Some of the bought & paid for media

    Or read newspaper articles during the American Civil War. The party politics were vicious. 🍻
  18. FJAG

    Are we that weak?

    True. Chicago has 2.7 million while Toronto has 2.9 million; but the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area has 9.5 million compared to the GTA's 5.9 million. 🍻
  19. FJAG

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    I knew you would. We both suffer from the same affliction. 😉 I said twice above that the uniform is irrelevant. It's the terms of service that the uniform is representative of. A contract alone is not enough. Terms of service arise from the enlistment papers and a set of legislation and...
  20. FJAG

    FORCE 2025: Informing the Army’s future structure

    Always has; always will. Who was talking about a martial society? Your initial question was: And the answer simply was that "uniformed" is not the issue but for a number of reasons it needs to be someone who is in the nature of a soldier and subject to a hierarchy, discipline and terms of...