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    Replacing the Subs

    Oh you cynic you
  2. OldSolduer

    Mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut

    People like him - and others on the political spectrum - used to be told "STFU when we want your opinion we'll ask for it". The information age has been hijacked to an extent by Aholes on all sides.
  3. OldSolduer

    Mandatory Service in Canada (split fm Ukraine - Superthread)

    Some of the people in this country - and not just the Gen (whatever) are distinctly anti military. Add the criminal element so yeah that would be fun. No conscription please.
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    New Dress Regs 🤣

    CADPAT is an operational uniform.
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    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    Because we are stoopid gards who have no idea about mental health etc that is how the upper tiers in government see us. Some of our staff have degrees in Justice, psychology among others.
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    Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis

    Winnipeg is in a similar situation. Stabbings all over and the transit workers are alerting the city that crime is rampant. And a sprained ankle demands an ER visit.
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    Saanich Bank Robbery/Aftermath (sep fm Victoria is facing a public-safety crisis)

    Many Many years ago Weibo Ludwig and his band of eco terrorists were suspect in spiking trees etc and other merry adventures. Nature lovers can indeed be dangerous.
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    AOR Replacement & the Joint Support Ship (Merged Threads)

    Question here: Will these JSS be as capable as the old Provider etc? Forgive me but I am a crayon eating landlubber.
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    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    Ok that takes care of the legal areas.......
  10. OldSolduer

    Ukraine - Superthread

    In many ways its worse. Like I said earlier - I miss the USSR.
  11. OldSolduer

    All things Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    So tell me why we don't trust doctors, lawyers, police chiefs, scientists, lawyers, POLITICIANS etc Victor Davis Hanson had a good write up in the Sun. When I see a major figure saying "this is bunk" I think we have good reason to distrust "experts" One more thing: THE science is never...
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    2022 CPC Leadership Discussion: Et tu Redeux

    Agreed - there are numerous ways to die every day, but we don't.
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    Breonna Taylor Shooting

    Just a question and not meant to insult anyone: Do cops rehearse actions at the objective when making arrests - providing they have the time?
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    Ukraine - Superthread

    And neither have I. They will yell and scream at democratic nations yet whisper or say nothing at all to dictatorships.
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    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    That's a good one. Seriously we - Canada - have abandoned faithful allies twice in the last 12 months. Our incompetent - and uncaring - Liberal Party of Canada is concerned about ONE thing - that the Liberal Party of Canada remain in power no matter what the cost. I am afraid the cost will...