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  • I think selection boards are held every month. If I was a betting man, I would bet that you will be selected for NWO at the next selection board (December or latest January). I think your selection will happen soon and the process will be pretty quick.

    Best of Luck

    Where are you from now? I live in Trenton so grew up right next to the base. I'm divorced with no kids, so this is the time for me to finally pursue a dream.
    I live in Halifax! I spent time in Victoria as well, so I don’t have a preference on coast. That’s what really drove me to go in the Navy, the good postings!

    I’m glad that you get to pursue your dream! I hope you hear something soon regarding selection!
    Thanks! I'll keep you informed if anything pops up. Hope you avoided the worst of that storm that came through...
    Hey Brian,

    I was in the CAF for 10 years as a NCM. I released and went to university and completed my degree.

    I applied for NWO and it took nearly a year to schedule and complete my MOST and interview. But to give you an idea on the selection board for NWO:
    I was CL in July, selection board in August. I was selected in August and back in the CAF in September. I’m hearing that NWO is severely short on personnel.
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