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xx The Warning System

April 26, 2018, 14:53:06 by Scott
Next to the Staff turnover last year, the largest change we've had is in how we apply and manage warnings. In the old days, it was by manually slapping a huge banner on a user's account, writing it up and then manually removing it when the time came. The new approach is simpler and more transparent, for everyone. It's also streamlined to keep the Staff from becoming bogged down in managing warnings.

  • A 0% warning can be used if a "warning shot" is needed, with no impact.
  • Users may apply a +5% warning to another user via the MilPoints Assessment screen, this falls into line with our users policing users approach.
  • At 10% a user is added to a watch list for the staff.
  • At 25% a user is moderated (all posts must be approved)
  • At 50%+ a user is muted (they cannot post)
  • Warnings automatically decay at a rate of 10% per day.
  • Each Staff can apply no more than 50% to a given user, on a given day.
  • This means any Staff can mute a user immediately, but concurrence from another Staff is required to keep it in place.
  • E.G. A user with 70% warning will be unable to post for 2 days, and back to normal usage in 7 days.
  • A user's entire warning history is displayed on the warning screen.
  • Staff can decrease warning % at any time.
  • All messages and warnings are logged, this helps any review process.

If you receive a warning that you wish to dispute, PM me and I will look into it. Please do not PM any Staff you see online. We're trying, as much as possible, to streamline how we handle matters like this, and a common approach is what is required.

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.
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xx Job-related injuries create mounting danger for search and rescue workers

Yesterday at 13:03:41 by HappyWithYourHacky
Job-related injuries create mounting danger for search and rescue workers
‘Guys are getting injured faster than we can replace them’

David Burke · CBC News · Posted: Jun 24, 2018 8:00 AM AT

ubmerged underwater more than 270 kilometres off the coast of Newfoundland, Sgt. Damien Robison almost ran out of air.

He was tethered to a helicopter hovering over a nearby fishing boat that was in distress. He was in the water to help save five sealers, but was hit by a 12-metre wave that drove him below the surface.

Chunks of ice in the water whipped by as Robison tried to puzzle out how he and the sealers would survive.

That happened on March 5, 2017, on what Robison considers a good day on the job. It was good because he, his crew and the sealers all got home safe.

After that rescue, Robison said he was pretty banged up. Getting hit by a wave almost the size of a four-storey building can do that.

He's not alone. Many Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians (SAR techs) are getting injured on the job and it's putting a strain on the service.

More at

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xx Cheers erupt as Federal Court judge approves historic gay purge settlement

June 19, 2018, 09:31:49 by 211RadOp
Cheers erupt as Federal Court judge approves historic gay purge settlement

By The Canadian Press

Mon., June 18, 2018

OTTAWA—A federal judge has approved a landmark deal to compensate members of the military and other agencies who were investigated and sometimes fired because of their sexual orientation.

Cheers of joy and celebratory hugs greeted the decision of Federal Court Justice Martine St-Louis after hours of testimony today from class action members.

“This is vindication after years of the persecution that I personally experienced as part of the military,” said Lt-Col. Catherine Potts. “It’s truly a human rights victory for all of us.”

Gay military veterans told St-Louis they were interrogated, harassed and spied on because of their sexuality.

More at link.
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xx The Wounds of the Drone Warrior - New York Times

June 13, 2018, 17:21:18 by Dimsum
Long but very good article by the New York Times on PTSD and its effects on RPA crews and intelligence analysts. 

In one recent survey, Wayne Chappelle and Lillian Prince, researchers for the School of Aerospace Medicine at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Fairborn, Ohio, drew on interviews that they and other colleagues conducted with 141 intelligence analysts and officers involved in remote combat operations to assess their emotional reactions to killing. Far from exhibiting a sense of carefree detachment, three-fourths reported feeling grief, remorse and sadness. Many experienced these “negative, disruptive emotions” for a month or more. According to another recent study conducted by the Air Force, drone analysts in the “kill chain” are exposed to more graphic violence — seeing “destroyed homes and villages,” witnessing “dead bodies or human remains” — than most Special Forces on the ground.
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xx Matthew Fisher's Ideal military

June 05, 2018, 08:49:43 by Baden Guy
Found this on Twitter. Interesting!

Matthew Fisher Retweeted OneDadsFinance

Needs careful thought, not Tweet. Never happen but off top of my head, 120 F-35s, 10 C-17s, if only five new ones were available, half dozen more aerial tankers, C-130s. Several dozen attack helos. 20 warships including three assault ships, 10 subs, 4 brigades, not 3, double SOF

OneDadsFinance @

Replying to @mfisheroverseas
What would be your ideal force makeup for Canada?  Lay it all out

8:33 PM - 4 Jun 2018
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xx "4 Canadian military cadets accused"

May 25, 2018, 15:44:52 by mariomike
Global News

May 25, 2018


4 Canadian military cadets accused of desecrating

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